Portugal still “a long way” from beating unemployment

Despite new statistics to show that unemployment figures have apparently stabilised, UGT union boss Paula Bernardo says there is still “a long way to go” – and suggests the picture has been “helped” significantly by the number of young people forced to emigrate.
“In spite of the signs that unemployment is no longer rising, there is a long way to go before the tendency is reversed. It is still very high,” said told Lusa news agency. There is still a “high number of young people leaving the country, which can be positive for statistics but which could compromise economic growth for the future,” she added.
Bernardo was speaking as Eurostat released statistics showed that after 10 months of consecutive reduction, the unemployment rate in Portugal had stabilised at 15.3% – a figure it reached in December.
The secretary general of UGT (the general workers union) said now it was “urgent” for active employment policies to be discussed and implemented.