Portugal spends the least on social protection

PORTUGAL IS among the European countries that spends the least money on social protection projects. However, it does devote a higher than average amount of money on education and health.

According to statistics released from a study carried out by Eurostat, Germany, Denmark and Greece top the list of countries that spends the most on helping their citizens. Portugal only spends 33 per cent of its total public expenses on civil and social protection projects, such as unemployment and pension benefits.

The worst country is Ireland, which spends only 29.1 per cent, while Germany spends the most at 46.6 per cent, followed by Denmark (44.7 per cent) and Greece (43.4 per cent).

Among the various expenses, Portugal devotes most of its budget to education and health, spending 14.9 per cent, which is above the EU average of 10.9 per cent for education and 13.6 per cent for health.