Portugal safe for children

According to a study recently conducted by a North American organisation, Popular Connection, Portugal is currently in the top ten countries for children to live in. This is excellent news for Portugal, considering it has been involved in numerous paedophilia cases such as the Casa Pia scandal. The study, which included 80 countries worldwide, analysed everything from personal hygiene to education. According to the study, Portugal received grade A- for the life expectancy rate (76-years-old), for the low rate of miscarriages (eight per cent) and the low rate of infant death (5.84 per cent). In the sex education and personal hygiene areas, our country received grade A, mainly because 66 per cent of women between the ages of 15 and 49 use some method of contraception. The country that came on top of this survey was Belgium, followed by Holland, Australia, France and the UK.