Portugal reveals its cooking secrets to foreigners

Practical cooking classes, Portuguese language tuition and visits to key locations are on the ‘menu’ of “Taste Portugal”, a cultural and gastronomic experience which will take place from June 17 to 23 in the Tourism and Hotel Schools of Portugal (Escolas de Hotelaria e Turismo), including in the Algarve.  

Foreigners visiting Portugal this month may, for one week, learn how to cook typical Portuguese dishes and desserts, while discovering the Portuguese language and visiting numerous markets and stores where participants may experience the excellence and diversity of the regional products that will later be used in the cooking classes.  

The classes will teach everything from “cooking the best fish in the world” to a typical Portuguese breakfast.

“Taste Portugal” hopes to contribute to the promotion of Portugal as a diversified and top notch tourist destination in the area of gastronomy and wines as well as boost the abilities of the students to an international level.

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