Portugal registers new maximum in Covid deaths: 155 in space of 24-hours

Portugal has registered a new maximum in Covid deaths: 155 in the space of 24-hours. That is 33 more than the previous day’s total of 122 (which was also ‘a maximum’).

Say all reports “the last few days have registered deaths, new cases and hospital admissions at levels never before seen in Portugal”.

Hospitals currently have over 4000 patients suffering the worst effects of the virus – almost 600 in ICUs.

The full picture can be seen here and shows that another 7,259 new cases were flagged in the last 24-hours, bringing the country’s active case toll to over 110,000.

According to epidemiologists, the situation will get worse before it gets better. 

Manuel Carmo Gomes of the University of Lisbon’s Science Faculty told Público: “We have the most difficult weeks of the pandemic ahead of us”. Even with the looming lockdown and the closure of schools (…or at least secondary schools) “it will be difficult to avoid the scenario of 14,000 cases per day in two weeks time”, he said.

When this comes, deaths too could average out at around 150 per day.

The dire predictions by experts have peppered the press in recent days as the Rt rate (indicator of transmission) has risen to over 1 in every single region. The Algarve, for example, is running ‘the highest Rt rate in the country’ (1.29 according to Público- despite cases being well down on the worst hit areas of Lisbon and the north). 

Again according to Público, the number of daily cases is doubling every nine days.

The inference is that ‘only lockdown can stop this’.