Portugal registers another consecutive day with record number of Covid cases

Portuguese health authorities have today reported yet another day with a record number of new infections with Covid-19.

In the last 24-hours 9.927 new cases have been flagged – the majority of them in the Lisbon/ Vale do Tejo and northern areas.

Another 95 people have lost their battle for life as the number of new infections in a single day becomes close to double that of the number of people deemed to have recovered.

The country’s active infections total has skyrocketed this week from Monday’s starting point of just over 80,000 to Thursday’s 93,360.

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The number of infections in areas previously deemed to be suffering only lightly (like the Algarve and Alentejo) are now consistently in three figures, today’s being the worst yet (+348 for the Algarve, +574 for the Alentejo where there have been 10 deaths over the last 24-hours).