Portugal registers 56 deaths and 6,640 new infections

It has been another ‘bleak day’ in the pandemic: 56 further deaths registered in the last 24-hours, along with 6,640 new infections – over half of them in the north.

With the Council of Ministers meeting this evening to outline new ‘State of Emergency measures’, the situation remains that the north and Lisbon/ Vale do Tejo areas are the country’s ‘trouble spots’.

These are the places suffering the most deaths (31 and 19 respectively in the last 24-hours), and the highest number of new infections (3,900 and 1,856 respectively).

Other mainland areas (the Centre, Alentejo and Algarve) are doing much ‘better’ in terms of deaths (3, 3 and 0 respectively in last 24 hours), but the Centre is still dogged with a steady number of new infections (721).

The Algarve too is ‘creeping up’ in terms of ‘new infections’ – with boroughs like Portimão struggling to keep numbers down if it is not to join the current 121 council areas where partial lockdowns came into place on Wednesday (click here).

The autonomous regions of Madeira and Azores – in spite of all their strict entry regulations – are still seeing infections rise (by 22 and 19 respectively in the last 24-hours), but neither have reported any new deaths.

Hospital admissions have reached 2,420, with 366 people in the country’s ICUs.

But – and it’s a good but – the number of people deemed ‘recovered’ from the virus has ‘shot up’ by 3,993 in the last 24-hours.

According to the latest DGS bulletin, this means that 92,747 people have ‘recovered’ after contracting Covid-19 – against the current 72,945 active infections.

Stress reports, “the greatest number of deaths continues to be concentrated in people over the age of 80”.