Portugal ranks 7th place in fight against tax fraud

A European Commission study has pegged Portugal in 7th place in a table of countries that most effectively deal with tax fraud – particularly IVA (VAT) dodging. According to the study, Portugal’s ranking sits alongside that of France and suggests the country loses only 9% of receipts. This is significantly better than Germany, which loses 11.2%, Denmark (-9.3%), Spain (-16.5%) and Italy (-33.6%).

Portugal’s success is due to the “reinforcement of measures to combat fraud and tax evasion that have been implemented since 2012”, reports the Finance Ministry – stressing that one of the star tools has been the e-fatura system.

And predictions are for Portugal’s fraud-busting to continue to improve. A statement from the ministry pointed to new data that “shows a very significant increase in global receipts in 2014-2015, particularly when it comes to IVA”.

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