Portugal rally riches for the Algarve

THE PORTUGAL Rally, which returns on March 30, is expected to generate 27.6 million euros in the Algarve and lower Alentejo.

The rally is the fifth stage of the World Rally Championship (WRC) and will be the first time the event has been held in the Algarve.

The estimates were announced at a press conference held by the Região Turismo do Algarve (RTA) on January 30.

It was also announced that the media exposure is set to generate 17 million euros alone. More than 50 million viewers are expected to tune in to watch coverage of the local leg of the rally over three stages from March 30 until April 1.

Two ‘Superspecial’ races will take place at the Algarve stadium on the first and last day of the event. These races give spectators the chance to get up close to the cars and their drivers and view some exhibitionist driving.

Several exhibitions will also be set up in the grounds of Faro’s Algarve stadium, showcasing all 27 makes of car that will compete in the rally. The last time Portugal hosted a stage of the WRC was in 2001 near Porto, this time the 90 teams that race over 1,008.7km course will be hosted in Vilamoura.

President of the RTA Hélder Martins said: “The rally will increase the Algarve’s image all over the world and will boost the hotel industry for the week leading up to Easter.”

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