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Portugal population Census obligatory for foreign residents

Foreign residents living in Portugal for more than a year or intending to live in the country for a minimum of a year are legally obliged to complete the Portugal population survey, Censos, which started on Monday.

The survey, which is carried out every 10 years by the National Statistics Institute (INE) with the support of the local Câmaras, aims to record information about people living in Portugal and provide an official count of its population.

Survey results will provide information regarding the need to improve essential services and infrastructures, such as transport, schools, hospitals and nursing homes.

Until March 20, a total of 30,000 Censos workers will be distributing questionnaires door to door across the country and respondents can choose to fill-in the paper form, which will be collected from your home before April 10, or go online and use an access code to answer the survey, which is totally confidential.

The code and internet access information will be provided by the Censos worker, who is wearing a yellow vest, holds a blue file, both identified with the Censos 2011 and INE logos, and carries a Censos identification card. Respondents should request to see it if the worker doesn’t voluntarily show it.

If you have not been contacted by the Censos team, please call 800 22 20 11 or visit www.censos2011.ine.pt (available in English)