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Portugal plays UK in new amateurs golf tournament

THE ACADEMY Resident’s Cup, an event aimed at providing a showcase event for Algarve golfers, will take place over 18 holes at Vilamoura’s Vila Sol Championship Course on Sunday, January 29, starting at 8am.

Two national sides, Portugal and the UK, will be competing in this innovative tournament that is likely to become a perennial favourite with the region’s golfers. The event, organised by The Academy Golfers Club in Vilamoura, will make for a fun-filled day. But the tournament is also likely to be a highly competitive one – play will continue until either Portugal or the UK emerges victorious!

Júlio Mendes from the Federação Portuguesa de Golfe will lead the home side and John Hawker, from Golf for Greys (the Algarve Golfing Association for the over 50s), will head the British contingent. Sponsors for the tournament so far include The Resident and Golf for Greys.

Both the Portuguese and British national sides will be composed of 22 individual teams – each of two players. One player in the partnership, who must be a resident, will be the leader of the team, responsible for marking the scorecard. The other team member can be any player, not necessarily a resident.

The captain of each national side is responsible for inviting a fellow player for his own team and a team of two professionals, naming the teams who will form their national side and nominating the two players for the tiebreak playoff.

Each four-ball comprises of two teams, one from each national side, and the format will be match play, two ball, better ball. Registration should be by team, comprised of two players but it is also possible to register individually. The handicap taken into account will be three-quarters handicap, and the maximum allowed for men and women is 24 and 36 respectively.

A draw is unacceptable!

The competition will be decided under the following rules: The victory of any one match (hole) will be worth one point and the draw of any one match (hole) will be worth half a point. In the event of a tie at the end of the competition, the sides’ captains will nominate two players to play in a three-hole gross play-off at the Academy. Should a tie still prevail, they will continue playing holes until there is a winner. Under no circumstances will a draw be accepted!

The technical committee for this tournament will comprise the captains of each side and the Academy resident Pro. There will be a maximum number of 22 teams accepted for both the UK and Portugal. The registration of five reserve teams will be accepted, due to replace teams or individual players who do not turn up. But players who fail to appear without giving 24 hours prior notice will be banned from playing in future tournaments.

The registration fee is 130 euros per team (65 euros per player). This fee includes a card for six buckets of 50 balls to be used at the Academy as well as one free round on the three-hole course, Green Fees at the respective golf course and a special lunch at the Academy Restaurant.

Potential players interested in nominating themselves for this exciting tournament can call the Academy on 289 321 461. Selection will be made according to handicaps and confirmation of entries will be available at the Academy. The British team is now quite full but there are still places available on the Portuguese side.

Traditional copper pitcher for the winner

The triumphant side will raise a trophy in the form of a replica Algarvean copper pitcher, traditionally transported by mules and used to carry drinking water. Following the competition, the trophy will be displayed at the Academy, together with the winner’s flag and teams photos. At the beginning of each year, once new captains are nominated, the flag is removed. The trophy is then exhibited during registration for the annual competition that will take place on the last Sunday of January.

Pedro Silva, director of marketing at the Portuguese Golf Association (PGA), hopes that the tournament’s success will enable it to expand next year, perhaps playing over three to five courses.