Portugal on new map alerting tourists to “bad animal practices”

Portugal is on a new map alerting tourists to “bad animal practices” throughout the world.

Among animal no-no’s here are bullfights, unlicensed zoos, horse-drawn carriage rides and “swimming with dolphins” – an experience widely-advertised in the Algarve.

All the activities compromise animals’ health and wellbeing, claims Spanish website “Turismo Responsable con los animales” – a portal set up by the Barcelona-based FAADA animal protection foundation – giving the message that holidaymakers who love animals should steer clear of them.

FAADA launched the map just over a week ago. Spain and Portugal are treated separately, with Spain cited for many more ‘atrocities’ than Portugal.

Both, however, share the almost universally-maligned culture of the bullfight – and FAADA highlights Portugal’s for the fact that in some arenas the government has given its permission for bulls to be killed in front of the audience – something not usually associated with Portuguese bullfights.

The other ‘malpractices’ are well-documented on Portugal’s ‘page’, with “swimming with dolphins” described as an activity with “serious repercussions for the animals” which could lead to dangers for all the people taking part.

Covered by most of Portugal’s news providers this week, it is not revealed how many holidaymakers are accessing the site or by how much it may affect animal-related tourist attractions. What is clear, however, is that Portugal does not feature in any of the “responsible holidays” covered by the site.

For more information, see: http://turismo-responsable.com/

By NATASHA DONN [email protected]