Portugal on fire alert as two fires break out in Algarve

Two fires broke out in the Algarve this week at a time when Portugal has been on fire alert since Friday due to the heat and dry weather.

As the Resident went to press, 10 municipalities were under “maximum” fire alert while in 60 others the risk of fires was “very high”.

The first fire broke out in scrubland near Armação de Pêra’s campsite on Monday. Authorities were alerted shortly after 1pm. Over 40 firefighters were called to battle the blaze, which was brought under control in less than two hours. The cause of the fire has not been revealed.

A day later a fire broke out at a warehouse in Faro owned by wood processing company Carmo & Braz.

Says Correio da Manhã tabloid, the warehouse had been abandoned for years although the fire reportedly started in an electrical stove before spreading to other household appliances which were inside. The warehouse is located near the local fire station and the flames were quickly brought under control by over 30 firefighters.