Portugal needs new strategies to dodge recession

The CDS-PP (Popular Party) leader Paulo Portas believes that “the Portuguese society is under a gloomy and despondent atmosphere which requires sensitivity to reverse”.

During an interview on Edição da Noite, broadcasted on Tuesday night on the news channel SIC Notícias, he argues that when a country goes through a process of adjustment such as Portugal’s, “everything possible has to be done in order to generate both political and social consensus”.

When Portas was asked if there was any consensus at the moment, he did not exactly reply, preferring to argue that “I have to strive within my powers to bring consensus, both political and social – without voiding the natural differences of a democratic system. What is really at stake for everyone is more important”. In other words, economic sustainability.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs also said that the current Constitution is outdated, but acknowledges the difficulties in reviewing it. “I have to live in accordance with this Constitution. To review it would require the approval of two thirds of the deputies, which up until now there is not. We have to do things – and many we can – within the current regulation limits.”

Paulo Portas is currently seeking new strategies to overcome this political, social and economic crisis but unfortunately his party and PSD have not yet found the miraculous formula to drag us out of this “plague” that has been infecting the Eurozone day after day.