Portugal needs foreign investment, says PM

Prime Minister António Costa has defended that Portugal “needs foreign investment” and “cannot discriminate investors based on their nationality”, following rumours that he has met with Angolan business woman Isabel dos Santos recently to discuss investments in Portugal’s banking sector.

Costa said Portugal needs investment “both from inside and outside the country”, which will help the government complete one of its goals – getting Portugal’s finances back in order.

“Portugal has an open economy, and we are working to bring stability to the country’s financial sector,” Costa told journalists on Tuesday (March 22) in Funchal.

“A strong financial system means better conditions for national companies to invest and more security for Portuguese families’ savings,” the PM said.

He did not confirm, however, whether he had actually met with Isabel dos Santos.

Costa said only that the government “welcomes investment from everyone, be it Spanish, Angolan, German or Chinese investors”.

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