Portugal Masters Trophy is the shining star of Vilamoura
Steve Webster wins Portugal Masters 2007 (Photo: GETTY IMAGES)

Portugal Masters Trophy is the shining star of Vilamoura 

Portuguese history reflected in iconic golfing symbol

England’s Steve Webster became the first player to raise the Portugal Masters trophy aloft at the inaugural 2007 edition and, since then, the trophy has become an acclaimed example of modern design.

Specially made for the tournament, it reflects both Portuguese history and the great game of golf. The story behind its creation provides a fascinating insight into what has become an iconic, golfing artefact.

Lídia Monteiro, then Turismo de Portugal’s director of communications and now director of sales and marketing, recalls the motivation and vision for the Susana Martins-designed trophy:

“We wanted to find a graphic design that could encompass some identifiable values of the Portuguese nation. The goal was that the trophy should become the very symbol of the tournament. We contacted several universities and jewellery schools, had a briefing with all the stakeholders, and subsequently began to evaluate the proposals from several candidates, and the winning proposal was chosen for its universalism.

Padraig Harrington receiving the trophy in 2016 from Filipe Silva, Turismo de Portugal (Photo: STUART FRANKLIN/GETTY IMAGES)

“The golf ball is like the globe, and the rings represent ancient navigation instruments – an activity Portugal was once renowned for when it discovered the world. Indeed, the science of navigation is embodied in the design of our national flag.”

Susana Martins’ design includes a combination of three elements. The golf ball dominates the trophy’s core, and is surrounded by several spherical rings, and a tee. Made in silver and plated in white gold, the rings are in darkened filigree, with the polished ball, supported on the tee, featuring satin highlights to emphasise the dimples.

The tournament’s 16th edition has the potential for some history-making achievements. What is absolutely certain though is that when the 2022 Portugal Masters’ champion hoists the famous trophy towards the Algarve sky, its unique splendour will once again dazzle and enthral the entire world of golf.


Tom Callan is editor of Clubhouse Algarve magazine (https://clubhousealgarve.com/)