Portugal is world’s 19th most reputable country (ahead of USA, China and Russia)

Portugal is the 19th most reputable country in the world according to an annual study that ranks how 70 nations are perceived by the international community.

Entitled ‘Country Reptrak’, the ranking is put together every year by the Reputation Institute (RI).

Portugal has once again made the top-20, though it dropped one spot compared to 2015.

It remains ahead of countries such as the USA (28th), China (57th) and Russia (65th).

The institute explains that while Portugal was hit hard by the 2008 financial crisis which plunged the country into a maelstrom of austerity, its reputation among tourists is still “as strong as ever”.

The ranking is led by Sweden, followed by Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Norway, Finland, New Zealand, Denmark, Ireland and the Netherlands, with the UK coming in 13th.

“Countries’ reputations take a long time to build but can drop in an instant,” said the 2016 report, which surveyed the views of 48,000 people from the eight most industrially advanced nations in the world – Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the UK and the US.

They ranked the 70 nations across 16 factors including “an appealing environment, being safe to visit, socially progressive policies, an effective government, an advanced economy and friendly citizens.”