Portugal is the fourth largest tomato exporter

Portugal was the fourth largest world exporter of processed tomato in 2012, surpassing Spain and Turkey and selling 95% of its total production abroad.  

The 1,200,000 tons processed in the country represent a turnover exceeding €250 million.

Investments on innovation and technology played a significant role in this achievement.

In Europe, Portugal is the second largest exporter behind Italy, representing 19.8% of total European Union exports.

Europe remains the main customer, absorbing 136,000 tonnes of the total output. The United Kingdom emerges as the main European market, followed by Spain, Holland and Germany.

Globally, beyond Europe, Japan emerged as the largest customer of the national production, representing approximately 10% of total exports. Kuwait, Russia and Australia are also major importers, each buying about 7,500 tons each year.

Apart from tomato paste, Portugal also produces processed tomato products such as ketchup and sauces.