Portugal is still the best!

WHILE whiling away one of our slightly colder nights in front of the TV last week, I flicked onto Channel 4’s show 20 Best Places to Buy in the Sun, the programme which helps buyers find their dream home in exotic overseas locations. Just as I was about to go and make a cup of tea, presenter Amanda Lamb announced that the number one destination for people wanting to move abroad and live in the sunshine was the Algarve.

As if that wasn’t enough, a couple of days later a colleague came into the office raving about the two hairy bikers she had seen the previous evening. Relieved to find out that she was referring to a television show, we were happy to see that the BBC has also taken Portugal to its heart. The show, The Hairy Bikers, featured two northern lads from the UK hitting the road in search of culinary experiences and cultural discoveries. On this trip, they rode their bikes the length of Portugal to find out about some of our country’s best loved food, such as Caldo Verde, Trout de Braganca with vinegar rice and beans and Caldeirada (fish stew).

As reported in last week’s edition of The Resident, 2004 was the worst year for tourism in the Algarve since 1993, so it was nice to see the flip side of the coin being shown on Channel 4 and the BBC. Finally, Portugal has been given the recognition that it deserves – let’s hope it will pave the way for a better future. Louise Pimm