Portugal is great for love life, but not so for work, say foreigners

A new Expat Insider study is showing what most of us already know: Portugal is great for life and love, but pretty useless when it comes to work.

In a list of 67 countries, Portugal came in at 14th place for quality of life, and fifth for people finding amorous relationships – but when it came to questions on personal finances meeting everyday needs, results put the country in slot 54.

In other words, they were “not very good”, concedes Económico website.

Even worse is the perception of Portugal as a destination for a foreigner to work.

In this category, the country goes almost straight to the bottom, at 63rd place.

The study was made over the internet and on social media by InterNations (Germany).

Winning countries, with the most number of positive answers, were Taiwan, Malta and Ecuador.