Portugal is country “everyone will be visiting in 2017”

American online newspaper Huffington Post has named Portugal the country “everyone will be visiting in 2017”.

“Chilly Iceland was hot with travellers in 2016, and Thailand had its heyday the year before that. But next year’s hotspot just may trounce them both with its mix of stunning beaches, historic towns, vibrant cities and lush islands,” the website’s Associate Lifestyle Editor Suzy Strutner writes.

She says “one particular country has been cropping on list after list after list of predictions for the 2017 travel year: It’s Portugal, the destination of your most stunningly beautiful dreams”.

As it points out, Travel + Leisure named Portugal its ‘Destination of the Year’ and called attention to the fact that US travel to Portugal increased 22% in the last 12 months. Travel experts at Fodor’s put the country’s Minho region on their ‘Go List’ for 2017, and Lonely Planet called the Azores one of the world’s best regions to visit in 2017.

Though Portugal has “long been popular with travelers clued into its adventurous nature activities, historic cities and famous wine”, the Huffington Post says it looks like visitors will be stopping over “even more” in 2017.

Indeed Skift reports Portugal’s tourism “boom” shows “no sign of slowing”.

Strutner goes on to list “some highlights to consider” for visitors, including the “scenic day hikes and scene-y nightlife” of Lisbon and the “perfect hidden beaches” of the Algarve.

Other recommendations include stops in the Minho region, Comporta beach, Lisbon’s Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, and the Azores archipelago.

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