Portugal helps EU reach “record-breaking” tourism levels

Just over a week after Portugal declared 2014 its “best year ever” for tourism, the European Union has announced a “record breaking year” itself – with much of the success due to Portugal.

Portugal was the third EU country that registered the largest increase in the number of sleepovers (+7.1%) last year – a grand total of 53.4 million.

Only Latvia (+11.1%) and Belgium (+7.2%) did better.

In all, there were 2.7 billion sleepovers in the EU last year – a level of business that has “never been seen before”.

Said Eurostat: “Following the decline observed in 2009 with the beginning of the financial crisis, there has been a steady increase in the number of nights spent in tourist accommodation establishments in the EU over the last five years.”

France accounted for the biggest chunk (403 million) of business, followed by Spain (401 million), Italy (370 million) and Germany (366 million).

The news came just a day after Economy Minister António Pires de Lima said Portugal has become a “top tourist destination” because it is “better at welcoming tourists than other countries” (see story: (https://www.portugalresident.com/portugal-is-%E2%80%9Cbetter-at-welcoming-tourists-than-other-countries%E2%80%9D)

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