Portugal has taken in 31,543 Ukrainians

SEF produces up-to-date figures

Since the moment Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, over five million people have fled the country, with more twice that number being ‘displaced’.

Portugal has accepted 31,543 requests for temporary protection from Ukrainian citizens and foreigners living in the country and is supporting numerous initiatives to help with these new arrivals’ integration.

According to borders agency SEF, the numbers coming in relate to 21,220 women, 10.323 men and 11,024 children.

Of the latter, roughly 450 have arrived here accompanied by an adult who is not one of their parents or legal representative and are thus under the auspices of the Child and Youth Protection Commission.

Municipalities with the highest number of Ukrainian refugees/ requests for temporary protection are Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra, Porto and Albufeira, adds SEF, which is running an online platform for new arrivals to be able to make their requests for temporary protection in three languages (Portuguese, Ukrainian and English).

The ‘SEFforUkraine.sef.pt’ platform “enables all Ukrainian citizens and their relatives (households), as well as any foreign citizen residing in Ukraine, to make ‘online’ a request for temporary protection of one year, extendable for two periods of six months.”

The platform also contains information on other aspects of reception and integration of displaced persons.

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