Portugal has more children “going hungry”

The number of children who feel hungry because they haven’t had enough to eat at home rose in 2014, a study elaborated for the World Health Organisation has revealed.

Put together by researcher Margarida Gaspar de Matos, the study shows that of the 6,000 children interviewed “almost all” suffered from a nutritional problem even though 99% thought they had a healthy diet.

“Health Behaviour in School-aged Children” took place in Portugal among sixth to 10th grade state school children.

According to Observador website, the findings came after hunger levels had remained “stable” since 2006.

Coincidentally, the worrying news came on the same day that child poverty figures were released in the UK.

In this case, though the overall number of children in poverty has not risen, levels are deepening for those already worse off, reported Sky News.

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