Portugal goes into 6th place in Europe for most number of new virus cases per day 

Portugal’s battle with the new coronavirus is not winning many new accolades: the country has moved from eighth to sixth place in the European table for the highest number of new cases per day of SARS-CoV-2 per million inhabitants – and from fourth to third slot for highest number of deaths.Today’s tally at 18 is one of the highest for days (click here).

The Our World in Data site shows Portugal has been running recently with a 188 average case rate per million inhabitants, behind Cyprus with an average of 605, Spain (431), France (341), Ireland (301) and Greece (264). Even though no longer part of Europe, the UK’s tally is 401 new case per million inhabitants. The EU average meantime is 154 cases per million, while the average for the world has gone from 76 cases per million to 80.

In terms of deaths, Portugal is registering 1.37 per million inhabitants, while the EU average is 0.51, and the world average is 1.22.