Portugal goes B-L-U-E

Portugal goes B-L-U-E…

A new map entitled ‘Portugal é Mar’ (Portugal is the Sea) is being distributed to schools to teach children about the country’s vast maritime ’empire’.
The map highlights Portugal’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ), over which it has privileges for exploration and use of maritime resources and which is an amazing 15 times larger than the country itself.
Portuguese President Cavaco Silva praised the map at its presentation last week, saying the initiative has great educational value as it will help young people understand just how “huge” their country is and how its sea holds “a great potential”.
He stressed that it is this “Blue Portugal” that he will be presenting at the World Ocean Summit in San Francisco, USA, shortly.
Minister of Agriculture and Sea, Assunção Cristas, added that the slogan ‘Portugal is the Sea’ is meant to highlight that 97% of Portugal’s territory will be maritime if the country’s request to extend its EEZ is accepted by the United Nations.
Education Minister Nuno Crato also explained that the map will be used in many school subjects, including History, Geology, Geography and Maths.
This new “Blue Portugal” will now be on show at Belém Palace.