Portugal faces “social emergency situation”

news: Portugal faces “social emergency situation”

Portugal, “like many other EU member states”, is living a serious social emergency situation, said the President of the European Commission in Lisbon last week.

Durão Barroso, who was attending the seminar ‘Projectar Portugal’ (Projecting Portugal) at the Champalimaud Foundation, said it was important to apply good sense in the way decision-makers communicate with the people if financial adjustment programmes are to be successful.

For the Portuguese EC leader, “compromise and consensus” between institutions, political forces and social partners are necessary.

Just like other EU member states which are living a situation of social emergency, “it is fundamental that Portugal manages the effects of economic contractions and their impact on people well,” said Durão Barroso.

“The European Commission is naturally available to analyse the way countries are complying with conditions set out in adjustment programmes and intervene where needed to minimise social impact.”