Tropical nights Algarve

Portugal escapes heat wave, but Algarve enjoys tropical nights

Forecasts in Portugal point to temperatures within the normal range for the season for the next two weeks, says IPMA meteorologist.

Portugal won’t be affected by the heat wave currently being felt in Europe, with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees in countries such as Spain, Greece and Italy.

The trend is that, at least for the next two weeks, the country will maintain temperatures “within the normal range for the season or even a little below”, explains Bruno Café, a meteorologist at the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere.

There is, however, an exception in the south, in “the Algarve region, particularly the Eastern Algarve, where temperatures are higher, and tropical nights will be felt as minimum temperatures remain above 20 degrees”, adds the specialist.

As for August, forecasts point to temperatures within what is considered normal for the season or just a little above.