Portugal dodges Europe’s icy chill but weather will get colder from Saturday

Europe’s current polar chill is sparing Portugal, though the weather is set to get colder from Saturday.

Weather authority IPMA has said that while various countries are quaking in the cold this week, Portugal is actually set to see temperatures rise. Until the weekend, that is.

From then we’re in for “four or five days” of ‘lower temperatures’ before thermometers are due to go back up to a more normal winter-time feel.

IPMA’s Patrícia Gomes gave the news as mind-numbing cold travels across Europe from Scandinavia, seeing temperatures in Poland dropping to as low as -20ºC, and in Germany at night to lower than -25º.

With Bosnia, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Montenegro under snow, even Italy – a country known for its relatively mild winters – has recorded people dying as a result of the cold.

But here, despite the feel of cold, even Portugal’s northern districts have been spared anything below freezing, and this looks likely to continue with the looming cold snap.

Data for last month actually shows that average temperatures in Portugal were 0.44º above those normally recorded during this period in winter (10.41ºC).

On December 2 for example average maximums actually surpassed 15º C and set a new record since records began in 1931.

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