Portugal condemns Paris terror massacre

Portugal condemns Paris terror massacre

As the world follows the ongoing drama in Northern France, the Portuguese government has “vehemently” condemned the horrific military-style attack on Parisian satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo yesterday that left 12 people dead and a nation in shock.

In a communiqué released by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the government has declared that Portugal “profoundly laments the loss of human lives” and sends “sincere condolences and profound solidarity” to the French executive and families of the many victims.

“Still without indication as to the identity of all the victims, the Portuguese authorities are accompanying the situation from Portugal’s embassy and consulate in Paris, and are in permanent contact with the French authorities,” the statement continues.

Portugal’s foreign minister Rui Machete added that all hopes were that “the suspects of this barbarous act would be rapidly arrested, judged and condemned”.

Already this morning the country that has declared a national day of mourning has had to bear further horrors.

Despite the fact that seven people have already been detained, the two brothers thought to have masterminded the attack in the name of the Islamic State are believed to have shot further people as they are pursued through northern France by police.