Portugal closes down to unvaccinated Brits

As of today (Monday June 28) Portugal is closed to unvaccinated Brits.

The decision has been published in this morning’s Diário da República in the form of a government dispatch issued on Sunday enforcing 14 days quarantine on any arrivals from UK unless they can show proof of having completed their vaccinations against Covid-19.

The proof has to show that the final shot was received “at least 14 days previously”.

The dispatch (click here ) does not explain whether children and teenagers are exempt – but this would seem likely given that they are not (yet) included in this country’s vaccination programme.

It also allows for people who have recovered from natural infection from Covid-19 to enter the country without the need for quarantine as long as they can show they have received one shot of an approved vaccine since their recovery.

To recap, the countries now on Portugal’s ‘red list’ are South Africa, Brazil, India, Nepal and the United Kingdom.

The rest of the dispatch refers to:

a list of countries for which entry into Portugal is still authorised, on the basis of reciprocity:



South Korea

United States




New Zealand




Northern Republic of Macedonia

People’s Republic of China



The administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau.

And a list of 23 sporting events and competitions (see the dispatch accessible from link above) which will allow those taking part to enter the country without having to go into quarantine.

The news will almost certainly affect holiday plans already underway to the island of Madeira, which went onto the UK ‘green watchlist’ last week (click here), resulting in a much-needed shower of reservations.