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Portugal celebrates 50 years of the EU

PORTUGUESE GOVERNMENT officials have announced a series of initiatives for the country to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the European Union.

On March 12, Secretary of State for European Affairs, Manuel Lobo Antunes, announced that a limited edition two euro coin would be released to celebrate the landmark and, on March 25, the public will be granted access to all nine palaces in Lisbon, given information packs and guided tours. An open air concert, featuring fadista Katie Guerreiro, and fireworks display will also take place in the evening, next to the Torre de Belém.

Ambassadors from all 27 EU member states will convene in Lisbon on the same day to discuss the impact and relevance of the Treaty of Rome. The date will further be marked by 250 local bands playing the European Anthem in different parts of Portugal, at 4pm.

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