Portugal braces for week of “extreme cold” with minimums set to fall to -5ºC

Portugal is in for a week of extreme cold with forecasts pointing towards minimum temperatures of -5ºC in some parts of the country.

Meteorologist Ângela Lourenço explains that although temperatures will be “mild” during the day, reaching 18ºC in some areas, they are set to plunge several degrees at night.

It will be chilliest in inland areas, but even coastal areas are expecting bouts of freezing weather. In fact, Faro is among 13 districts around Portugal that are under yellow alert until Wednesday morning (10am) due to the cold weather.

Lourenço explains that these kinds of chilling temperatures are normal for the season, however, and are not “especially low”.

“This is January we’re talking about, in winter. The cold weather is caused by an anticyclone north of the Iberian Peninsula,” the specialist from the national sea and atmosphere institute (IPMA) explained, adding that it has kept away the weather fronts responsible for rain.