Portugal braces for heatwave lasting “several weeks”

Sudden increase in temperatures from Thursday due to hot, dry air mass from North Africa

Portugal is bracing for a stultifying heatwave that threatens to stay in place for several weeks.

Climatologists have been warning of the increase in temperatures for the last few days. Consensus is that they will arrive ‘with a blast’ on Thursday, and remain stubbornly in place.

This is not so much a heatwave, as a relentless roasting.

Bizarrely, the week began in the north and central areas with some rain, which may continue into tomorrow. But this is the week when summer officially starts, and thus Portugal will simply have to get on with it.

Weather expert Carlos Pires has told SIC Notícias that the interior Alentejo and parts of the Algarve, as well as the Tejo Valley, could see temperatures rising as high as 42ºC. The rest of national territory will be slightly less challenged with averages between 30ºC and 35ºC… with no end (yet) in sight.