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Portugal available to join new alliances to support Ukraine

Portugal took part in a meeting of Ukraine’s allies

Portugal is available to join new alliances that are being formed to support Ukraine by its allies, the country’s minister of defence announced on Wednesday in Leiria.

Helena Carreiras, who took part in National Defence Day today at Air Base No. 5 in Monte Real, stressed that Portugal is already “actively participating in some training alliances, above all”.

“We have deepened our contribution in terms of training, both in F-16s and Leopard (combat vehicles), and we are available to join other alliances that are being set up, particularly in the area of demining, and to assess the possibility of doing so in other alliances,” said Helena Carreiras.

On Wednesday, Portugal took part in a meeting of Ukraine’s allies, held at the US base in Ramstein, Germany.

At the meeting, Helena Carreiras said she felt that “unity and cohesion are still present. That’s important. I felt this collective effort having an effect”.

In Germany, Ukraine’s needs in the war were assessed and “the countries commented on what their material offers are,” emphasising once again “the importance of air support, as well as ammunition”.

One of the new developments that the minister of defence identified at the allies’ meeting was the idea of the countries organising themselves in such a way as to “cover the different dimensions, the Navy, the Air Force, the Army” but also “the areas of innovation, new technologies, special forces, where support for Ukraine is going to be very important”.

“This is a war of logistics,” said Helena Carreiras, and that’s why “it’s essential to provide equipment” but also “to have the means to maintain it, to sustain it, to train the people who are going to operate it, to get spares for repairs. This involves a very broad and combined effort and that’s what we’re seeing happen.”.

In Monte Real, where she met with students as part of National Defence Day, the minister told the participants that Portugal has already sent 1,100 tonnes of material to Ukraine and that a new shipment is being prepared, namely uniforms capable of withstanding the winter.

Source: LUSA