Portugal announces 70,000 have received Covid-19 vaccine

Portugal’s Ministry of Health announced today (Friday) that 70,000 people have already received Covid-19 vaccines.

The number will be updated every week online on the national health service (click here), health board (click here) and government (click here) Covid-19 websites.
The national vaccination programme started on December 27. The priority so far has been to vaccinate health professionals and nursing home residents and staff.
The ‘first phase’ of vaccinations, which will last until the end of March, will also include “armed forces, police forces and critical services”.

Starting in February, people aged 50 and older with at least one serious health issue (heart failure, heart disease, kidney disease or chronic respiratory disease requiring ventilation support or long-term oxygen therapy) will also receive their jabs.

The ‘second phase’ will begin in April and extend the programme to people aged 65 and older and citizens aged 50 to 64 who suffer from one or more of the following conditions: diabetes, malignant neoplasm, chronic kidney disease, liver failure, high blood pressure or obesity, as well as other less serious conditions which could be identified as time goes on.

The last phase of vaccinations will include the rest of the population. However, when it will begin has yet to be confirmed.

Those due to receive a jab will be contacted by the national health service.

For the time being, the vaccine is not mandatory.