Portugal and Spain vow to ‘reinforce support for Ukraine’

Portugal and Spain vow to ‘reinforce support for Ukraine’

“Politically, militarily, financially and humanitarian”

Portugal and Spain have reaffirmed their commitment to “continuing to support Ukraine” come what way.

Following a meeting yesterday involving both countries’ ministers of defence and foreign affairs it was made very clear that the Iberian Peninsula is right behind Ukraine’s plans “politically, militarily, financial and humanitarian”.

The two neighbours mean to work alongside the European Union and NATO in this regard.

Indeed Portugal’s defence minister Helena Carreiras said they discussed the question of a new mission of military assistance “and how it could be carried out”.

Spanish counterpart Margarita Robles stressed the message: support “is not just to maintain, but to reinforce” – particularly in the field of military training (something a number of European countries, and the UK, have been doing for some time now).

Said Lusa, the four ministers also discussed the importance of “reinforcing collaboration in response to investment deficits in defence, and the necessity to put technological and industrial defence bases of the two countries in greater communication”. On this point, a further meeting has been scheduled.

Spain’s foreign affairs minister José Manuel Albares summed the talks up: “We are going to do everything to ensure peace returns; that Russian troops leave where they should never have entered and the territorial integrity of Ukraine is preserved”.

Energy connections with rest of Europe also discussed

The issue of energetic connections between the peninsula and France and the rest of Europe was also discussed, with João Gomes Cravinho, Portugal’s minister of foreign affairs, saying that proposals Portugal and Spain have defended “are gaining ground”.

Mr Albares described them as “constructive proposals to face the threat by Russia to cut energy supplies”, referring to the long-held desire for a gas pipeline connecting the peninsula with France.

As Mr Gomes Cravinho concluded: “It was a very rewarding, very comprehensive and very promising meeting for the future of our two countries” as well as with regard to how the war in Ukraine is “having impacts”.