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Portugal and Spain can  work together to combat terrorism

PRESIDENT CAVACO Silva spoke of the special relationship between Portugal and Spain on his first state visit to Madrid, hosted by the King and Queen of Spain earlier this week.

He believes that the neighbouring countries have the right conditions to help Europe deal with the problems faced by illegal immigration and terrorism.

At a banquet held in his honour by the Spanish monarchs at Zarzuela Palace, Silva described the responsibility that Portugal and Spain have to promote better understanding between the people of the two nations.

The President emphasized that “nowadays, everything that happens in Portugal is relevant for Spain and everything that happens in Spain is relevant for Portugal”. He further described how the distrust that was present in the past was motivated by “unfamiliarity”, adding that “our relationship has developed through dialogue and permanent co-operation and we now share common interests”.

Silva highlighted the importance of finding an effective answer to the problems of international terrorism and illegal immigration, which would be much easier to achieve if the two countries worked together. The President arrived in Madrid last Monday for a four day visit.