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Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday frenzy. Image: Francisco Pinto/ Lusa

Portugal among Top 10 most relaxing destinations

Study places Portugal in 4th place, tied with Croatia

With the increasing stresses of everyday life, people’s holiday priorities these days centre on places where they can relax – and according to a new study, Portugal is one of the most relaxed countries to go to…

The study created a system in which the number of walking trails, spas, meditation centres, yoga, pilates and national parks per 100,000 people were evaluated, says SIC Notícas today.

Iceland and ireland came out tops in the ranking due to their “abundance of nature, with diverse landscape”, followed by Malta and then Portugal and Croatia both in 4th position.

Portugal’s score of 7.33 out of 10, shows it has “almost 33% more walking trails and 15% more parks” than neighbouring Spain, which came in 9th position.

The study set out to present Europe’s 15 most relaxing countries. The list is as follows:




Croatia / Portugal




Greece / Switzerland



United Kingdom



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