Portugal among the three best destinations for Golden Visas

Portugal along with Montenegro and Switzerland are among the three best global destinations for residency through investment programmes.

According to the British consultancy Astons, Portugal continues to be a good investment for those who want a programme that offers residency and the opportunity to apply for citizenship.

“Citizenship or residency through investment and buying property are intrinsically linked, so much so that many countries that offer these programmes also offer the capacity to guarantee residency or citizenship by buying a property,” says the study.

The company says that it is currently seeing huge demand for residency and citizenship in Montenegro, Portugal, Spain and Turkey, while many of this investor interest is from the UK since Brexit although UK citizens can gain residency via other means such as applying for the D7 visa for people who want to live, resettle or retire in Portugal and the D2 for entrepreneurial immigrants. EU nationals do not need a Golden Visa since they can apply under the Non-Habitual Resident tax regime.

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