Porto school “stupefied” after radical Islamists hack into website

A Porto school has described how it woke up to find radical Islamists had hacked into its website, replacing the contents with a “very professional” film appealing to viewers to join Islamic State.

The film, based on the contents of the Koran – the sacred book of Islam – and presented in rap-form, is understood to have compared Western society to that of Islamic cultures “without specifically referring to Portugal”.

It included a number of links to videos posted on Youtube.

“It was a very strange thing to find and has left us all stupefied,” António Miguel Coelho of the students’ association of Porto’s Santa Maria School of Nursing told reporters.

The video “gave the impression of having been made from a distance”, he added – referring also to sites about Syria, Iraq and Palestine.

The incident has been reported to both PJ and PSP police who are now investigating the source of the film.

Meantime, the site has been returned to its habitual format.

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