Image: Facebook ASPP/PSP

Porto police arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking, embezzlement and malfeasance

Three PSP agents expected to face initial questioning later today

Three Porto-based police officers have been arrested by their own PSP force, on suspicion of drug trafficking, embezzlement and malfeasance.

The news, relayed by Porto PSP’s Metropolitan Command, did not specify where the three agents worked.

The men are due to face initial questioning later today, while the case is covered by Secrecy of Justice.

Tabloid Correio da Manhã however appears to have further details.

According to the paper the agents belong to the Rapid Intervention Teams of Porto PSP – and the investigation is led by the Criminal Investigation Division (DIC).

The men were arrested as a result of three house searches early this morning.

SIC Notícias’ report mentions “flagrante delicto”, suggesting evidence may have been discovered during the searches.

TVI adds that the agents “worked in the area of major consumption and trafficking of drugs when approaching suspects. They are suspected of having ‘turned a blind eye’ to determined situations, and of keeping part of drug profits when approaching suspects. The investigation has been going on for sometime”, and this led to today’s searches, backed by arrest warrants.