Porto Mayor Rui Moreira to face trial for abuse of power

Porto mayor Rui Moreira to face trial for prevarication (in this case, abuse of power) over a long-running investigation known as ‘the Selminho case’. The bottom line is that Mr Moreira is accused of acting illegally to protect his own family’s interests over those of the municipality. This has been a hot chestnut of a controversy for years, but it has arrived at this point just as Mr Moreira was preparing to fight municipal elections with a view to running for a further term in office. The Public Ministry is calling for the Independent mayor (supported by CDS-PP) to be stripped of his mandate. If found guilty, Mr Moreira could face jail. UPDATE: The mayor himself has reacted to the news, describing it as “an insult” and an “infamy”, politically-timed to prejudice him in the upcoming municipal elections.