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Porto is best European destination

Porto has been voted Best European Destination 2012 in the European Travellers’ Choice ranking.

According to the European Consumers Choice organisation based in Brussels, 20 selected cities were competing for the prestigious title of Best European Destination 2012 in the European Travellers’ Choice ranking.

After a three week period of online voting, Porto was elected the Best European Destination 2012 and wins the title ahead of 19 European cities.

Vienna, Dubrovnik, Prague, Brussels, Berlin, Budapest, Lisbon, Florence and Edinburgh are the next best destinations for a holiday or city-trip in 2012.

According to the organisation, which says more than 210,000 people voted in the competition, “Porto conquers all its visitors, from those who visit it for its history and authenticity to the ones who seek to explore a new, more cosmopolitan and contemporary city.”

The famous port wine, a historical centre designated World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, museums, enchanting parks and gardens, and fashion boutiques by national and international designers are some of the city’s attractions.

“Porto gives you a bit of everything. Give it a try!” stated the organisation’s website.

European Consumer Choice works in partnership with tourism offices to reward the best holiday destinations in Europe.

Using Eurostat’s annual tourism data and experts’ professional advice, a central jury selects 20 towns to compete for the European Best Destination title.

European citizens vote online to select their preferred destination and the town which receives most votes over a period of 21 days is awarded the trophy for best European destination.

Lisbon won in 2010 and Copenhagen 2011.