Porto Cruz launches ready-to-drink Pink Port Tonic

“Fresh, practical and ready to drink” individual glass bottles are becoming the new trend.

Following the canned wine trend, individual pours in glass bottles are becoming the new fashion. Port brand Porto Cruz has followed suit, producing Portonic Cruz Fresco, a ready-to-drink Port Tonic made with rosé Port wine and tonic water.

This refreshing, practical, ready-to-drink drink is sold in 200ml units and can be drunk directly from the bottle or in a glass with ice.

Founded on the banks of the Douro River in 1887 and heir to ancestral know-how, Porto Cruz combines the best of tradition and innovation to offer high-quality Port wines. Appreciated in more than 50 countries, “the brand is committed to supporting the market for this product by promoting new consumption patterns. The launch of this Portonic Cruz Fresco is an example of this”, says the brand.

Composed of 30% Port wine, 70% tonic water and natural aromas, Portonic Cruz Fresco aims to satisfy both Port wine lovers and challenge other consumers to rediscover it in an unusual, colourful, modern and practical format.

Its attractive pale pink colour and citrus and red fruits (cherry, wild strawberry) aromas are complemented by a fresh and lively palate, with notes of stone fruits (nectarines) and citrus fruits (grapefruit). It offers a pleasant finish, with a good balance between Port wine, fruity aromas and the bitterness of tonic water.

With an alcohol content of 5.5%, it is on sale in the leading supermarkets and costs €2.49 per bottle, and can also be purchased in packs of 12 units.