Porto creche cleared of 32 charges of child abuse

After an horrific ‘exposé’ in national tabloid Correio da Manhã, a judge has found there is no evidence that staff at a Porto creche were guilty of a catalogue of alleged abuse (click here), releasing all seven defendants to continue working with young children.

Some of the educators’ and helpers’ behaviour was “corrective”, said the judge, but “none of it was motivated by sentiments of vengeance, cruelty or wickedness”.

According to a report by TVI24 today, the judge added that staff “had the legitimacy to correct minors delivered into their care, but within their limitations”.

She also said that “among the parents there were those who spoke very well of the creche and those who spoke badly”.

This is a trial that began last October after complaints taken out by parents at the State-funded creche.

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