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Portimão’s Socialist council ‘rents’ roundabout to opposition

Portimão’s branch of the social-democrat (PSD) party is about to enjoy some ‘free publicity’ after getting the town’s Socialist council to lend them a local roundabout in exchange for much-needed gardening services.

As reported in January, the council is “renting out” roundabouts as it has not got the money to look after them.

The deals are valid for a year and do not involve actual cash. They simply mean companies and other entities can use the spaces for advertising, as long as they keep them looking neat and tidy.

Speaking to Barlavento newspaper, the PSD’s Portimão president Hélder Renato said the scheme is open to political parties – even if they are in opposition.

Thus the PSD roundabout on the V7 near Três Bicos is set to sport a new consignment of orange trees, to “match the party’s colours”.

Other companies involved in the initiative include the HPA group, Nosolo, Móveis Malheiro, Club Amarilis, Paraalvor and Viegas e Viegas.

Several roundabouts, however, remain available.

For more information, interested businesses or groups should get in touch with the town hall between 9am and 1pm and 2pm and 5pm.

282 480 412