Portimão’s rundown PSP station to undergo million-euro revamp

Portimão’s rundown PSP police station, where conditions are described to be “unfit for a police force”, is due to undergo a million-euro revamp following the signing of a protocol between the government and the local council on Monday (January 29).

The station was built in the late 1980s but has never undergone an extensive refurbishment. “Falling ceilings, floors in bad condition and rotting wood windows” are just some of the main problems.

“We are going to draw up the project now and will then try to accelerate the launch of a tender as much as we can,” Portimão mayor Isilda Gomes told reporters.

The council will be in charge of the works, which will be paid for by the state.

The protocol was signed by Isabel Oneto, Secretary of State for Internal Administration, who explained that €20 million has been made available in 2018 to spend on projects to improve public security forces’ infrastructures.

Portimão’s PSP police station is located on Avenida Miguel Bombarda, just metres from the court and library.

Meantime, plans are in place to build a new Polícia Judiciária (PJ) station in Portimão. Representing an investment of €5 million, it will be built on council-owned land in the Raminha area and will replace the town’s outdated and rundown facilities near the town hall. Construction is set to begin in 2019 and should be completed in 2021.

GNR records fewer crimes in Algarve
The announcement of Portimão’s PSP station revamp came on the same day that GNR police revealed that fewer crimes were recorded in the Algarve last year.

Faro GNR Coronel Joaquim Crasto was speaking during the celebrations of the ninth anniversary of GNR Faro district command, which took place on Monday in Portimão.

He told reporters that 13,831 crimes were registered in the region, “190 fewer than in 2016”. The number of violent crimes also fell from 511 in 2016 to 495 last year.

“These are results that we are glad to report and that show our work in the Algarve region,” Coronel Crasto said, also highlighting the programmes that the police force is carrying out among the most vulnerable citizens.

Further data shows that 2,462 arrests were made and 74,386 patrols were carried out last year.

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