Portimão’s new PJ police station to only open in 2022

Portimão’s new Polícia Judiciária (PJ) police station is now scheduled to open a year later than expected, in 2022.

Says Correio da Manhã tabloid, the project still has to be drawn up and the property deed was only signed last week.

Plans are to move forward with construction in 2020 and open the station two years later, CM adds. Originally, it was revealed that it would open in 2021.

The new station will be a major upgrade over the current facilities of the local criminal police force, which are unanimously considered “outdated and rundown”.

As Justice Minister Francisca Van Dunem said when the project for the new station was announced, the existing building looks bad from the outside, but “it is even worse inside”.

Representing an investment of around €5 million, the new “modern station” will be built on land in the Raminha area, just metres away from the main V6 avenue and the Paul Harris avenue which leads to the EN125 road and A22 motorway.

The location was chosen precisely because it provides “easy access” from every direction.

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