Portimão’s nautical sports club announces €150,000 revamp

A €150,000 project to renovate the facilities of the Clube Naval de Portimão has been unveiled by the club’s board.

The Clube Naval is Portimão’s second biggest club with over 1,000 associates and is described as the town’s gateway to the river and the sea, promoting a number of water-based sports such as sailing, canoeing, surfing, windsurfing and sport fishing.

It has existed for 60 years, which is why the renovations are considered so important to the club’s future.

“The goal is to renovate an area that is currently only used as storage, build new changing rooms and a new multipurpose room,” Miguel Marinha from the club’s board told Correio da Manhã tabloid.

He added that there are also plans to build accommodation for foreign athletes who travel to Portimão to practice during the off-season.

The project comes at a time when Portimão is preparing to boast the title of European City of Sport in 2019.

CM adds that the works have already received a favourable report from the Sines and Algarve port administration and are only awaiting the green light from Portimão council to start.

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